transaction support

Corporate clients can be provided with consulting services on issues related to the implementation of real estate projects, taking into account the attractiveness of various types of contracts for the market, minimizing legal risks and individual characteristics of the project. We are also developing contracts, including for non-standard transactions, and supporting transactions of any complexity directly and indirectly related to real estate, including the acquisition and sale of a business, the sale of shares or shares of legal entities.


Specialists of the Beatrix real estate agency will provide extended tax advice on tax deductions for the purchase, sale and rental of housing. Particular attention should be paid to maintaining the optimal level of tax costs, provided that the long-term preservation of the object and the appropriate level of quality of service are ensured.


In the current market conditions, the role of professional management is increasing significantly. The manager needs to ensure the attractiveness of the facility for consumers, including paying particular attention to satisfaction and quality service to users of the facility. At the same time, it is important to understand the dynamics of the market and analyze the financial condition of tenants, their stability and solvency, taking prompt measures to prevent the growth of vacant space, holding and ensuring timely replacement of tenants.


Usually, an employee moves for a long period with his family, who also needs to be equipped in a new place. With us, the adaptation of a foreign specialist who has got a job in Russia will happen as soon as possible. The range of relocation services that our company offers allows our customers to save time, resources and quickly get results.


Valuation of real estate allows you to determine their value. This is necessary when concluding a purchase or sale or exchange transaction, insurance, resolving a property dispute in court. The procedure is carried out in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation “On Valuation Activities”.


The term "home-staging" came from the United States, where this technology has been used since the 70s of the last century. Pre-sale preparation of real estate is a technology that allows you to sell any property with maximum efficiency, i.e. for good money, minimal time and with minimal effort.


Preparation of the object for exposure. For many people, buying a property is a dream come true. Therefore, many when choosing an apartment are ready to be guided not only and not so much by iron logic and rational argumentation, but also by emotions. Unusual marketing campaigns arouse curiosity among property buyers, often attracting their attention more than discounts. Therefore, the Beatrix real estate agency creatively "packs" projects in an emotional shell.


A mortgage loan is a bank loan whose purpose is to purchase housing, which in the process of payment is collateral. We will help you choose the most suitable mortgage loan for the purchase of an apartment - we will find the minimum rate among our partner banks and lower it by 0.5%, we will assist in the preparation of all necessary documents, and we will also significantly increase your chances of approving a loan.

Cadastral value reduction service

Professional assistance in resolving the issue of reducing the cadastral value of an object. We dispute the cadastral value both in the Commission for contesting the cadastral value in Moscow and the Moscow Region, and in the Court. We will reduce the cadastral value for both private owners and tenants of state and municipal property in order to reduce rents. We have extensive experience in contesting cadastral value.

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