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Lobachevsky St., Ow. 120 Wings
Michurinsky prospekt
2 rooms 61 m2
11 879 166
ID 11125
We offer apartments in a new business class residential complex in one of the most prestigious districts of Moscow! The project provides for the construction of three high-rise buildings of an unusual shape (trefoils with mirrored facades), the construction of a one-level underground parking, a kindergarten, a school and a shopping and office center. Special attention has been paid to landscape design - public areas will be turned into a landscaped park, in the center of which an artificial reservoir will be organized. In 2018, it is planned to open the Aminevskoe Shosse metro station on the Big Circle Line (no more than 5 minutes walk). Complex advantages: - original architecture; - good transport accessibility; - spacious parking; - own infrastructure. Completion date of the complex is Q4 2021.
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Ryazan Ave, 2 Sreda
Ryazan Avenue
2 rooms 64 m2
11 987 850
ID 11281
For sale 2-room apartment in the residential complex "Sreda". RC "Sreda" will receive its own social infrastructure, which will include: • general education school for 825 students; • kindergarten for 300 people; • sports and recreation complex; • several covered parking lots for a total of 5700 cars. On the territory of this quarter, zones for both active and passive recreation will be organized: bicycle and jogging tracks, roller tracks, parks will be built here (while completely preserving the currently existing linden and chestnut alleys). In addition, playgrounds and sports grounds for children are being created. On foot from the residential complex "Sreda" you can walk to several secondary schools and kindergartens, including private ones; nearby there is a school for children's development "Intellect", a club "Tennis Park", an Olympic reserve school called "Ice Arena", shopping centers, for example. .. Показать полностью
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Feodosia St., 7K5 Grinada
D. Donskoy Boulevard
2 rooms 69 m2
12 075 800
ID 11277
For sale 2-room apartment in the residential complex "Grinada". The residential quarter will delight new settlers with a landscaped courtyard without cars, with a separate parking area. More than 1300 parking spaces are available to motorists. The territory of the quarter will be fenced, provided with video surveillance and access control systems. It is planned to form a single walking area in the courtyards, comfortable and safe for children and adults. In addition to playgrounds, sports grounds, a rope park will appear on the adjacent site. For storage of bicycles, baby carriages in each entrance, special rooms are allocated. The extensive internal infrastructure will include a new school (more than 700 places), a kindergarten, shops on the first floors of houses. The Severnoye Butovo area is well provided with social infrastructure, residents can easily use numerous medical and educational institutions, make purchases, devote time to sports training in ... Показать полностью
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Dmitrovskoe sh., Property 107
3 rooms 93 m2
12 200 000
ID 10715
LCD "Summer Garden" - a closed and guarded microdistrict class comfort +. 11 residential buildings, a kindergarten, a school and a shopping center will be erected on the territory. All buildings will be decorated with bright and original facades, for the decoration of which it is planned to use modern tiles from a European manufacturer. The developer offers customers 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-room apartments and apartments, as well as housing with a free plan. The ceiling height in the rooms is 2.78 m, and the total area of apartments varies from 23.4 to 113.1 square meters. m. The variety of layouts that the developer offers allows customers to choose a house that is ideally suited to their requirements. The premises are sold with or without decoration. The buildings will be equipped with modern high-speed OTIS elevators. Also designed special ... Показать полностью
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Khoroshevskoe sh., Vl. 25 Dynasty
2 rooms 63 m2
12 489 800
ID 10796
The Dynasty residential complex consists of three monolithic business-class buildings from 21 to 24 floors high, which stand out from the neighboring houses with original author's architecture. The complex is located just three hundred meters from the Polezhaevskaya metro station. Two more stations are nearby - Khoroshevo and Begovaya. In the elite houses of the Dynasty residential complex there are more than 2 thousand apartments with the number of rooms from one to three, as well as specific apartments. The average housing area is from 38 square meters. meters to 138.8 square meters. meters. Ceiling height 3.1 meters. More than fifty layout options are available. All premises are transferred to the owners with minimal decoration. Near the houses there are: guest parking lots, sidewalks, sports grounds with street exercise machines and treadmills, game towns, recreation areas, works of art ... Показать полностью
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Sorge St., 9
3 rooms 66 m2
13 050 000
ID 11428
Three-room apartment for sale in a new business class residential complex in the prestigious Khoroshevsky district. The apartment has five windows, which makes it bright and cozy. The house is located on Sorge Street, surrounded by historical Stalinist buildings and high-profile residential complexes. It is a perfect combination of the prestige of the area and the author's architecture. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: -closed, guarded territory. - room for strollers and bicycles. -system smart home. -rooms for washing pets. -a well-maintained park for jogging and walking. - children's and sports grounds. -commercial zone, located on the ground floors of the complex.
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Starokrymskaya St., 13
Skobelevskaya street
3 rooms 86 m2
13 100 000
ID 10706
RC "Etalon City" is an original business-class project in the region of Northern Butovo. The developer will erect 9 unique buildings from 23 to 31 floors high, the facades of which will reproduce the silhouettes of interesting cities in the world: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Miami, Venice. The architecture of the houses and the landscape design of the surrounding space will make up a single ensemble, designed in a unique spirit. Buyers will be able to purchase 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments and studios with a ceiling height of 2.78 m. The developer offers apartments with various layouts, among which you can choose the option with windows on different sides of the house or a project with panoramic glazing. All loggias and balconies will be glazed in the same style, and energy-efficient double-glazed windows will be installed in the window openings, which increase the level of noise reduction and thermal insulation. The towers feature a special ... Показать полностью
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5th Donskoy passage, 21 NON-BORING HOME & SPA
Leninsky Prospekt
1 room 56 m2
13 123 200
ID 9252
The unique premium residential complex has exclusive species characteristics and is the tallest residential building located in the immediate vicinity of the Neskuchny Garden part of a single recreational complex that spans the banks of the Moscow River. It also includes the Muzeon Art Park, Gorky Park and Vorobyovy Gory, whose total area reaches 500 hectares. From now on, stunning views of the city, the Kremlin and the legendary Moscow skyscrapers from a new, unique perspective are available to you. For residents of the complex there is a concierge service 24/7. Shopping gallery, bakeries and cafes, freshmarkets are all available virtually without leaving home. A new life format dictates new communication formats. A special loyalty program for all residents of Family Club Resident will give active communication and useful contacts with neighbors. On the... Показать полностью
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Usievicha St., ow 10b House on Usievich
The airport
1 room 42 m2
13 198 500
ID 10521
The residential complex of the business class "House on Usievich" was developed according to the author's project, combining an innovative and practical approach to urban planning. The configuration of the complex includes two buildings of variable number of storeys, united by a gallery. Between the buildings there is a passage through a through arch. Modern, dynamic and vibrant - this house embodies the character of its residents. A spacious elevator hall hides silent elevators with the possibility of descending into an underground two-level parking, where parking spaces are provided not only for cars, but also for motorbikes and bicycles. This modern residential complex with a landscaped interior and excellent transport accessibility is an excellent example of a competent and thoughtful approach to housing construction.
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Sorge St., 9 Richard
2 rooms 54 m2
13 256 000
ID 11290
Spacious one-bedroom apartment for sale in a new business class residential complex in the prestigious Khoroshevsky district. The increased number of windows, with a large bathroom. A smart home system with the ability to use the application to monitor the climate and control electronics throughout the apartment. The house is located on Sorge Street, surrounded by historic Stalinist buildings and status residential complexes. This is the perfect combination of the prestige of the area, author's architecture. The area with developed infrastructure, metro Polezhaevskaya and MCC Khoroshevo within walking distance.
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Leningradsky prospect, vl. 35
1 room 57 m2
13 345 000
ID 10759
The Iskra-Park quarter is a business-class project on Leningradsky Prospekt from the Hals-Development company. It consists of a multi-storey building of apartments with variable number of floors (from 9 to 17 floors), an office and business center and a 3-level underground parking. Dynamo metro station is 300 meters from the block. In the quarter there are 772 apartments with a total area of 37.5 to 128.7 square meters. m. In each of them 1 or 2 loggias are designed. Some apartments have a private terrace and fireplace chimneys with real wood fireplaces. The height of the ceilings is 3.1 m. Iskra-Park is the direct descendant of outstanding examples of the “great style” of the 30-50s. In the strict geometry of forms, in the noble colors of the finishing stone, you will read the relationship with the masterpieces of Moscow architecture of the last century. In project... Показать полностью
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13 462 000
ID 9898
Functional bright 2-room apartment: kitchen-living room, bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, the apartment has 3 windows. Fili City is a unique project, everything necessary for a comfortable life and even more: children's and sports grounds, cafes and restaurants, a square with a fountain in European style, its own promenade park. And, of course, magnificent panoramic views from the windows of apartments with carefully thought-out layouts.
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Lobachevsky St., Ow. 120 Wings
Michurinsky prospekt
2 rooms 61 m2
13 700 000
ID 10492
We offer a one-bedroom apartment with a total area of 61 sq. M in a new business-class residential complex in one of the most prestigious districts of Moscow! The project provides for the construction of three high-rise buildings of an unusual shape (trefoils with mirrored facades), the construction of a one-level underground parking, a kindergarten, a school and a shopping and office center. Special attention has been paid to landscape design - public areas will be turned into a landscaped park, in the center of which an artificial reservoir will be organized. In 2018, it is planned to open the Aminevskoye Shosse metro station on the Big Circle Line (no more than 5 minutes walk). Complex advantages: - original architecture; - good transport accessibility; - spacious parking; - own infrastructure.
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New road st., Vl11 Bauman House
1 room 48 m2
13 989 733
ID 11302
The residential complex is located near the Third Transport Ring: motorists will be able to lay a convenient route to any area of the capital. Near the house there are bus and tram stops, nearby there are two metro stations - Baumanskaya and Elektrozavodskaya, which can be reached in about five minutes by car or public transport.
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Dubininskaya st., 59 Paveletskaya City
1 room 21 m2
14 200 000
ID 11774
Студия на высоком этаже отделкой White-box в новом ЖК Павелецкая Сити. Потрясающие видовые характеристики: Храм Христа Спасителя, Москва-сити, высотки. Павелецкая сити- уникальный проект, с интересной архитектурной концепцией в стиле высоток Нью-Йорка. Кафе, супермаркеты на 1 этажах, центр раннего развития , зона отдыха и детские площадки на территории дома с красивым внутренним двором. В пешей доступности – престижные лицеи, школы, торговые центры и легендарный Даниловский рынок. 1 очередь, 1 корпус.
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Mantulinskaya St., 7k1-6
1 room 43 m2
14 200 000
ID 10701
We offer 1 bedroom business class apartment located in the Central District of the capital. M. 1905 within walking distance. Closed area, video surveillance, security. House is built. Quick exit to the deal. A region with a developed infrastructure. Special offer! A one-room apartment is offered for sale. Excellent species characteristics. It is possible to plan a bedroom and a kitchen-living room. The residential complex is located next to the Krasnaya Presnya park. Terraced buildings, exploited roofs, courtyards organized according to the principle of a private garden provide residents of CITY PARK apartments with the opportunity to be closer to nature, while remaining in the city center. In the quarter, park greenery adjoins the business heart of the city. The World Trade Center, Expocentre and Moscow City set Presnya's business rhythm, which balances the peaceful space of Krasnaya Presnya Park.
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Serebryakova passage, Silver
Botanical Garden
2 rooms 79 m2
14 412 000
ID 11315
LCD Silver - a new project in the business class category, located in the Sviblovo area, with a total area of 200 thousand square meters. m. When buying an apartment or apartments will be possible to choose the layout of the premises, as well as the combination of kitchen and living room
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Leninsky Prospect, 38 Leninsky 38
Leninsky Prospekt
1 room 40 m2
14 436 000
ID 10772
The apartment complex "Leninsky 38" is part of a new multifunctional complex that will be built on the site of the Sputnik Hotel. Two 19-story buildings on the common stylobate will appear on Leninsky Prospekt: an apartment complex and a hotel. A parking lot for 700 cars has been designed in the underground part. A freestanding 4-story shopping center will also be built. 318 apartments of various layouts will be available for housing: studios of 29 square meters. m, 1-room - from 35 square meters. m, 2-room - from 52 sq. m. m, 3-room apartments - from 70 sq. m. m, 4-room apartments - from 121 sq. m. m. All apartments will be finished cleaned, in some of them wardrobes are planned. Also for storing things it will be possible to purchase pantries. The facades will be finished with natural stone, is also provided ... Показать полностью
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14 677 200
ID 10753
The residential quarter "Property" in Kuntsevo is a complex of three towers "Science", "Culture", "Art", with porticoes and natural stone finishes. The houses are in your favorite classic style, but modern and thoughtful: with high ceilings, spacious parking lots, your own territory and spaces for relaxation. The architects integrated into the project both the underground parking with a car wash, and their own walking areas on the territory of the complex, and guest parking, and a complete set of necessary household infrastructure located on the ground floors of the towers. Not without technological delights: silent elevators, heating convectors integrated in the floor, the latest technology for facade glazing. Planning decisions of apartments and public spaces are thought in detail. There is always enough light in the children's room, a pleasant view from every window, and the possibility of combining ... Показать полностью
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14 700 000
ID 9996
OPERATIONAL SHOW! 10 apartments left! Hurry to buy an apartment in a property in a monolithic brick house of business class | Nice view of the quiet, comfortable courtyard. Underground parking, cable and satellite TV, guarded territory, video surveillance, landscaped house area with a playground, fitness center with pool. The area has a developed infrastructure: several parks, kindergartens, schools, shopping centers, tennis courts, bank branches, beauty salons, etc. Metro Prazhskaya is a 3-minute walk away.
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Suschevsky Val St., 49 Jazz
Marina Grove
1 room 48 m2
14 910 000
ID 9374
Jazz Premium Quarter in Marina Grove. Excellent 1 bedroom apartment with panoramic windows on the 2nd floor. JAZZ is the embodiment of comfort. It is located in the center of Moscow, 400 meters from the metro, close to parks, a theater, and a shopping center. The territory of the quarter is safe, it is nice to take a walk and enjoy the surrounding silence, go in for sports or just relax from the bustle of the city. There are no cars here, an underground parking is intended for them. Apartments and penthouses are provided with a complete set of comfort systems for their class. Here, and the central ventilation and air conditioning system, and its own boiler room, and filtering water to the level of drinking. Marble, metlah tiles, brass, and decorative panels in the style of American realism associated with ... were used in the decoration of the spacious lobby and wide corridors. Показать полностью
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Paveletskaya emb., Vl. 8 Composers' Residences
2 rooms 58 m2
15 000 000
ID 10608
Residential complex "Composers' Residences" is an atmospheric business-class residential area on Paveletskaya embankment. On an area of 5.5 hectares, within the framework of three stages of construction, low-rise buildings from 6 to 16 floors are being erected for 549 apartments and 187 lofts. Premium clinker bricks and porcelain stoneware are used for facades. The quarter provides one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments ranging from 53 sq. m up to 138 sq. m and with a fine finish. The architectural ensemble of the quarter unites residential buildings and modern rich infrastructure: a kindergarten, a two-story supermarket, a shopping center, a fitness center with a 25-meter swimming pool, shops, cafes, pharmacies and other objects in built-in premises on the ground floor. There are about 1,800 parking spaces in the ground and underground parking lots. A highlight ... Показать полностью
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Havskaya St., 24 Composition 24
1 room 48 m2
15 434 185
ID 11294
1-room apartment for sale in the residential complex "Composition 24". Composition No. 24 is a new landmark that complements the architectural appearance of the Shabolovka district and the stylistic ensemble around the Shukhov tower. A house that will be on a par with the masterpieces of modern world architecture. Unique landscape design, functional play spaces for children on the ground floor of the house and in the courtyard, a gym. Wi-fi is available in all public areas of the lobby and in the inner gardens. Concierge service 24/7.
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15 745 800
ID 10524
The residential complex of the business class "Leader on Leninsky" is being built in one of the most environmentally safe and well-maintained areas of Moscow. The new project will delicately complement the existing buildings and at the same time it will be easily recognizable due to the conceptual architecture with large areas of glazing. In the planning decisions of the house, the principle of the yard, available only to residents of the house, is implemented, taking into account the creation of internal pedestrian and walking zones and guest parking. On the ground floor, premises for commercial and social infrastructure were designed, and on the second floor, a training center with a short stay group. At the same time, the intersection of flows of residents, employees and visitors of non-residential premises is completely excluded. Car owners will have a two-level underground parking. Transport access to motorists provide Leninsky Prospekt, Vernadsky Prospekt and St .... Показать полностью
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