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Suschevsky Val St., 49 Jazz
Marina Grove
1 room 51 m2
16 930 000
ID 9375
less travel time every day. The center of Moscow is within walking distance: only 2 kilometers to Tsvetnoy Boulevard on foot through squares and parks. Maryina Roscha metro station is a 2-minute walk from the quarter.
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Refrigerating per., Vl2 / 6s3
1 room 58 m2
16 964 700
ID 10658
Apartment complex Play is built in the tradition of modern architecture of large European cities. Monolithic-frame 12-story building with panoramic windows and original facades. The complex has a total of 221 apartments ranging in size from 35 to 76 m ?: studios, one-room, two-room and three-room. The height of the ceilings is 3.1 m, the height of the panoramic windows is 2.6 m. The outer walls of the building are made of aerated concrete blocks D600 (20 cm) and insulated with mineral wool plates (18 cm). On two underground levels, parking for 70 cars is equipped. There are also boxes for storing seasonal items and bike parking. Forced-air and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems, all communications, modern Internet and telephony. Throughout the complex operates high-speed wi-fi. The residents are offered a smart home mobile application and a 24-hour concierge service ... Показать полностью
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Zhukov Ave., ow. 21
3 rooms 71 m2
17 000 000
ID 11429
Your dream apartment with premium finishes in the center of Moscow. Located in a new business class residential complex. Design decoration in the style of modern classics. High ceilings. Four panoramic windows on the floor offer stunning views of Moscow. Underground parking with high-speed elevators to residential floors is very convenient. Closed courtyard. Presentable entrance group. The territory is guarded. Nearby are many restaurants and theaters, as well as 6 fitness centers, public and private clinics. The nearest polyclinic is 700 meters away. Ideal value for money. A selection of practical people who value their comfort!
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Khoroshevskoe sh., Vl. 25 Dynasty
2 rooms 72 m2
17 016 600
ID 10798
The Dynasty residential complex consists of three monolithic business-class buildings from 21 to 24 floors high, which stand out from the neighboring houses with original author's architecture. The complex is located just three hundred meters from the Polezhaevskaya metro station. Two more stations are nearby - Khoroshevo and Begovaya. In the elite houses of the Dynasty residential complex there are more than 2 thousand apartments with the number of rooms from one to three, as well as specific apartments. The average housing area is from 38 square meters. meters to 138.8 square meters. meters. Ceiling height 3.1 meters. More than fifty layout options are available. All premises are transferred to the owners with minimal decoration. Near the houses there are: guest parking lots, sidewalks, sports grounds with street exercise machines and treadmills, game towns, recreation areas, works of art ... Показать полностью
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Prospect Akademika Sakharova, ow1
Red gate
2 rooms 51 m2
17 513 400
ID 11300
For sale 2-room apartment in the residential complex "RED7". The RED7 apartment complex is located at the corner of the Garden Ring and Akademik Sakharov Avenue, in the historical center of Moscow. Convenient movement around the city will provide direct access from the parking lot to Sadovo-Spasskaya Street and walking distance to several metro stations: five minutes to Krasnye Vorota, ten minutes to Sukharevskaya, Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya. The distance to Red Square is 3 km, to the Third Transport Ring - 2.5 km.
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Donetsk, vl2 Home
4 rooms 118 m2
17 689 500
ID 11286
For sale a 4-room apartment in the residential complex "Domashni". The central element of the residential complex "Domashny" will be a promenade with bike paths and cascades of ponds, which will stretch across the entire territory of the quarter and reach the embankment of the Moskva River. In addition to residential buildings, the following infrastructure facilities will be built here: • a school for 875 students; • two kindergartens; • polyclinic; • multifunctional sports center (with a swimming pool); • parking lots: underground for 2750 cars, ground - for 1500 cars. On the ground floors of the residential complex "Domashny" there is an area for shops, pharmacies, medical institutions, cafeterias, restaurants, various clubs of interests.
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17 706 000
ID 9660
Classic one-bedroom apartment in a monolithic-brick business class residential complex, 3 minutes walk from the metro station Fili. The residential complex is distinguished by convenient transport accessibility: 4 km to the Moscow City business center, 9 km to the city center, direct access to Kutuzovsky prospect. The complex is located in the historical district of Moscow, has a well-thought-out infrastructure - kindergartens, schools, shops, banks, cafes and restaurants, children's and sports grounds. The concept of the architecture of the complex refers to the classic urban style: a closed inner area with a cozy courtyard and extensive green areas. The lobby and public areas represent a high status: porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings with individual patterns, veneer panels, additional lighting sconces and crystal chandeliers. Additional comfort for car owners - access to buildings from the parking level .... Показать полностью
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Vereyskaya St., 29c151
1 room 102 m2
17 706 000
ID 10710
The Loft 151 apartment complex is a seven-story complex built in the Ochakovo-Matveevskoye district. The apartments have premium finishes, panoramic windows are installed, the ceiling height is 3.20 m. The minimum area of the premises sold is 32.7 square meters. m., maximum - 175 square meters. There are also duplex apartments for sale. The house provides a system of supply and exhaust ventilation, there is a fire system with smoke sensors. Low noise panoramic elevators are installed in the halls. The territory of the complex is completely fenced, is under video surveillance. Entrance and entry - by passes. The complex has an elegant exterior lighting. On the territory, landscape design work was carried out, paths were paved with the installation of an effective drainage system, which will allow them to be kept dry during the rainy and snow season. Parking in the complex is ground, guarded.
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Khodynskaya St., vl. 2 Presnya City
1905 street
3 rooms 74 m2
17 800 000
ID 10765
3k apartments are offered in a new business class residential complex located just 4 km from the Kremlin, within walking distance from the Ulitsa 1905 goda and Belorusskaya metro stations. The building was erected using brick-monolithic technology. The house is decorated in the neo-classical style of New York skyscrapers. All engineering systems are automated, information is sent to the central control center. The house provides concierge service. The layout is free. Ceilings are high 3 meters. Without finishing. The apartments have panoramic windows. Great views of Moscow. On the territory there is a multi-level underground parking, a fitness center with a pool and SPA, a kindergarten and an early development center, a supermarket, a farm products shop, a pastry shop, a bakery and even a Museum of bread.
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East Street, 4A / 1 River sky
2 rooms 67 m2
17 807 800
ID 11306
RC “RiverSky” - business class apartments within 10 minutes walk from the metro station “Avtozavodskaya” on the banks of the Moscow River. Apartments, townhouses and penthouses. Developed own architecture, including a sports cluster. 1.5 km from the TTK.
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New road st., Vl11 Bauman House
2 rooms 68 m2
17 999 122
ID 11303
The residential complex is located near the Third Transport Ring: motorists will be able to lay a convenient route to any area of the capital. Near the house there are bus and tram stops, nearby there are two metro stations - Baumanskaya and Elektrozavodskaya, which can be reached in about five minutes by car or public transport.
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Presnenskaya nab., 11 IQ quarter
2 rooms 41 m2
18 000 000
ID 10749
IQ-quarter is a multifunctional 21-storey premium class complex, which is part of the Moscow-City MIBC. Premium class apartments in the IQ quarter are a smart choice for those who appreciate the dynamics of life and want to always be in the center of the city's business life. Unique IQ-architecture, panoramic glazing, gorgeous views of the city from a bird's-eye view, noise-insulating facade glazing technologies, author's entrance lobbies, a five-level underground parking, premium infrastructure - all this makes the IQ quarter an ideal place to live in the heart of a dynamic metropolis. Located at the intersection of Krasnopresnenskaya embankment and the Third Transport Ring, 5 minutes from the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station and from the Moskva River embankment. Within walking distance from the quarter - Krasnaya Presnya park; fitness clubs and cinemas, exhibition spaces and art workshops.
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Nametkina St., 18k2
New Cheryomushki
2 rooms 86 m2
18 228 000
ID 10612
Residential complex of premium class “Rosemary” is a unique project of a residential building with a landscape park, modern fountains and a cascade of ponds. There is also a football field and jogging tracks. The complex consists of two monolithic buildings, one of which has a variable number of storeys (12-18-23). The second building is 31 floors high. The housing stock of new buildings presents a variety of apartments, the number of rooms in which varies from one to six, and the total area from 40 to 229 square meters. There are housing without a layout, as well as options with an improved layout, with two bathrooms, with dressing rooms and storage rooms. The height of the ceilings in the premises is 3.1 meters. Entrance lobbies in each building are equipped with solid metal doors with modern electronic access systems. Made inside ... Показать полностью
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Novoalekseevskaya St., 22A Egodom
1 room 58 m2
18 490 000
ID 10636
LCD EgoDom is located in the Alekseevsky district of the capital, not far from Sokolniki Park. You can buy an apartment with panoramic glazing and free planning. There are also penthouses with terraces. The complex’s own infrastructure includes a kindergarten, spa, underground and ground parking, and a car wash. Near the new building there are schools, shops, a clinic, a fitness club.
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Suschevsky Val St., 49 Jazz
Marina Grove
1 room 46 m2
18 710 000
ID 9386
The residential quarter "Jazz" (Jazz) has a complex of undeniable advantages: high-tech engineering systems, impeccable quality of services, individual and modern architecture of each house. Convenient transport accessibility, proximity to the main parks of the capital and exceptional silence
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Oktyabrskaya St., 49s1 Jazz
Marina Grove
1 room 46 m2
18 710 000
ID 10477
Excellent 1 bedroom apartment with panoramic windows on the 4th floor. JAZZ is the embodiment of comfort. It is located in the center of Moscow, 400 meters from the metro, close to parks, a theater, and a shopping center. The territory of the quarter is safe, it is nice to take a walk and enjoy the surrounding silence, go in for sports or just relax from the bustle of the city. There are no cars here, an underground parking is intended for them. Apartments and penthouses are provided with a complete set of comfort systems for their class. Here, and the central ventilation and air conditioning system, and its own boiler room, and filtering water to the level of drinking. Marble, metlah tiles, brass, and decorative panels in the style of American realism associated with the jazz era were used to decorate the spacious lobby and wide corridors. In the exterior decoration used ... Показать полностью
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19 000 000
ID 10584
2-room apartment in a new business class residential complex. Free planning allows you to implement any renovation project. The house has central air conditioning. The house also has: Premium Encore Fitness with two swimming pools, underground parking, a closed courtyard without cars with children's and sports grounds, a multi-level security system, a concierge in each section + security at the entrance, a very beautiful lobby, a shopping center on 3 floors, and most importantly, a common house wi-fi network, on the basis of which an intelligent system is deployed that connects residents with services at home. An intelligent system using your smartphone: it will open the barrier, call the elevator, take you to the desired floor, order food, call the room-service, connect with the management company and a video intercom. Great location. There are 3 parks within walking distance (Berezovaya ... Показать полностью
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Zemlyanoy Val St., 37 House Chkalov
1 room 34 m2
19 000 000
ID 11119
Unique studio with decoration, two windows with beautiful views. The premium apartment complex “House Chkalov” is a single composition of two 21-story towers about 100 m high, a four-story shopping center and a four-level underground parking. Land area - 0.65 ha. The decoration of building facades, similar to New York skyscrapers, is dominated by glass and metal: panoramic windows in aluminum profiles, metal cladding panels. The complex has 396 apartments ranging from 32 to 126 square meters. m with high ceilings (from 3 m) and panoramic windows that open. House Chkalov - a unique space in the center of Moscow. Chkalov - the choice of those who have already achieved success and strive for more. The four lower floors of the House Chkalov are occupied by a shopping center with galleries, a restaurant and ... Показать полностью
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Lobachevsky St., Ow. 120 Wings
Michurinsky prospekt
3 rooms 87 m2
19 040 000
ID 10493
For sale is a three-room apartment in a new business class residential complex with a total area of 87 sq.m. in one of the most prestigious districts of Moscow! The project provides for the construction of three high-rise buildings of an unusual shape (trefoils with mirrored facades), the construction of a one-level underground parking, a kindergarten, a school and a shopping and office center. Special attention has been paid to landscape design - public areas will be turned into a landscaped park, in the center of which an artificial reservoir will be organized. In 2018, it is planned to open the Aminevskoe Shosse metro station on the Big Circle Line (no more than 5 minutes walk). Complex advantages: - original architecture; - good transport accessibility; - spacious parking; - own infrastructure.
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19 378 456
ID 10670
The residential complex of the business class "Silver Fountain" is being built in the historical part of Moscow - Alekseevsky district, near Prospect Mira. On the territory of the LCD "Silver Fountain" will be equipped with a square based on a century-old linden alley, in the middle of which the old Wallace fountain will operate. The complex offers a large selection of apartments and apartments, which have a free layout and are rented without decoration and without partitions. Tall windows without horizontal bindings emphasize the brickwork and make the interior as bright as possible. The complex will include 5 buildings with a height of 5 to 19 floors and parking for 2100 cars. LCD "Silver Fountain" received a high professional rating for environmental friendliness, energy and water efficiency of the project, becoming the first business class object to be awarded a platinum ... Показать полностью
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Serebryakova passage, Silver
Botanical Garden
3 rooms 113 m2
19 753 000
ID 11316
LCD Silver - a new project in the business class category, located in the Sviblovo area, with a total area of 200 thousand square meters. m. When buying an apartment or apartments will be possible to choose the layout of the premises, as well as the combination of kitchen and living room
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Havskaya St., 24
2 rooms 63 m2
19 847 085
ID 11296
For sale 2-room apartment in the residential complex "Composition 24". Composition No. 24 is a new landmark that complements the architectural appearance of the Shabolovka district and the stylistic ensemble around the Shukhov tower. A house that will be on a par with the masterpieces of modern world architecture. Unique landscape design, functional play spaces for children on the ground floor of the house and in the courtyard, a gym. Wi-fi is available in all public areas of the lobby and in the inner gardens. Concierge service 24/7.
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20 000 000
ID 4117
Apartment with high-quality repair in a business class residential complex "House on Begovaya". Stunning panoramic views of the center of Moscow. Two separate rooms and a kitchen-living room, one bathroom. Fenced guarded territory. Free sale.
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Bakuninskaya St., 5 Tatlin Apartments
2 rooms 45 m2
20 000 000
ID 11301
BUSINESS CLASS APARTMENTS AT SUPER PRICE !!! The complex is located on Bakuninskaya Street, a two-minute walk from the Baumanskaya metro station, in the very center of the Basmanny District. Low-rise buildings of Old Moscow have survived in the immediate surroundings - city estates and tenement houses of the 19th - early 20th centuries. The historic district of the German settlement begins nearby, in a few minutes you can walk to the Yelokhovsky square and the Epiphany cathedral, in ten minutes - to the Milyutinsky square. Lefortovo Park is also within walking distance. Convenient access to the center and to the TTK. Concierge service 24/7, security. Call us!
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