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Tsvetnoy Blvd., 32s4 Color32
Tsvetnoy Boulevard
1 room 57 m2
28 592 700
ID 10558
Tsvet32 is a European club house inside the Garden Ring. It is located in the Central Administrative District, on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. French balconies give the house a special charm and originality. Effective planning solutions, free spaces and panoramic windows from 2.3 meters are able to satisfy the most sophisticated buyer. High quality modern materials are used in the decoration of the facade: natural stone, metal, stained glass, which gives the house individuality. The Tsvet32 club house is for those who value European comfort: cozy cafes near the house, quiet squares with recreation areas, convenient shops and, of course, entertainment. Silent elevators with a waiting time of no more than 30 seconds, a 24/7 video monitoring system for public areas, a service desk, access to the building using smart cards - life in the Tsvet32 club house will truly become ... Показать полностью
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28 617 600
ID 9984
STOCK! Fully finished apartment! Hurry up to buy a luxurious apartment in a ready-made elite complex on Gorokhovsky lane. This apartment complex is a modern and stylish architectural solution combined with a unique location in the historic district of Moscow. Advantages: - modern architecture: panoramic glazing, a facade made of decorative panels harmoniously embody the residential and business components of the house; - free planning: the ability to implement your own architectural and design idea, transform the space to fit your needs and desires; - apartments with finishing (to save your time and money); - exceptional privacy: the house has only 72 apartments. The chamber space provides the homeowners with a clubbing feel; - modern engineering, multi-stage security system: round-the-clock security, video surveillance, concierge service; - 1-level underground parking, there are several parking spaces left. The house is inhabited and ... Показать полностью
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Usievicha St., ow 10b House on Usievich
The airport
3 rooms 100 m2
28 871 100
ID 10522
The residential complex of the business class "House on Usievich" was developed according to the author's project, combining an innovative and practical approach to urban planning. The configuration of the complex includes two buildings of variable number of storeys, united by a gallery. Between the buildings there is a passage through a through arch. Modern, dynamic and vibrant - this house embodies the character of its residents. A spacious elevator hall hides silent elevators with the possibility of descending into an underground two-level parking, where parking spaces are provided not only for cars, but also for motorbikes and bicycles. This modern residential complex with a landscaped interior and excellent transport accessibility is an excellent example of a competent and thoughtful approach to housing construction.
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Sadovnicheskaya St., 57s1
2 rooms 70 m2
28 900 000
ID 11427
NEW Apartment in a new unique building in the center of Moscow with a real wood-burning fireplace. Designer finishes with a Parisian feel and wood burning fireplace. The central house in the new LCD Wine House (wine house). Open space with an area of 6 m. By 10 m. Completely ready for living with appliances, furniture and decor. Bathroom with shower, washing machine and dryer. Second level - bedroom and free-standing bathroom. In fact, 70 meters of usable area. At the highest point, the ceiling is 4.7 meters. Legal status - apartments. The Ministry of Construction is currently developing a bill on giving residential status to apartments.
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Шмитовский пр., 39к3 Headliner
3 rooms 85 m2
29 000 000
ID 11679
УНИКАЛЬНОЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ!!!КВАРТИРА С ПРОПИСКОЙ ЦАО ПО СУПЕР ЦЕНЕ! ДОМ БИЗНЕС КЛАССА! СДАН! КЛЮЧИ ПОСЛЕ СДЕЛКИ! ПЕРВЫЙ В РОССИИ КОМПЛЕКС ЖИЛЫХ НЕБОСКРЕБОВ БИЗНЕС-КЛАССА В НЕПОСРЕДСТВЕННОЙ БЛИЗОСТИ ОТ МОСКВА СИТИ! Квартира без отделки. Кухня-гостиная, две спальни, 2 с/у . Закрытая территория. Охрана 24 на7. Система “Умный дом” в каждой квартире. Уютный дворик и прогулочная аллея. На первых этажах домов будут работать магазины, кафе и рестораны, банки, офисы и сервисные службы комплекса. Внутри квартала планируется открытие детских садов, творческих студий, медицинских центров, спортивных клубов. В непосредственной близости расположены лучшие школы района: ГБОУ “Романовская школа”, физико-математическая школа 56 им. академика В.А. Легасова, школа с углубленным изучением английского языка 1232 “На Кутузовском”, две гимназии и... Показать полностью
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Myasnitskaya St., 35A
Chistye Prudy
3 rooms 81 m2
29 000 000
ID 9140
We offer a bright 3-room apartment with the very center of Moscow, within walking distance of three metro stations (Turgenevskaya, Sretensky Boulevard, Chistye Prudy). Historical building. The facade overlooking Turgenevskaya Square was added in 1989 according to the project of the architect D. S. Solopov. The apartment is well maintained, in excellent condition. Layout: living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. Prompt display! We value your time!
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29 150 000
ID 10556
The multifunctional Complex Capital Towers is three elegant skyscrapers 270 m high, united by a common stylobate. The complex is located on the Moskva River embankment between the Moscow City quarter and the World Trade Center. The Towers have 62 floors, a total of 720 apartments. All apartments have panoramic windows with beautiful views. These are the first truly residential skyscrapers filled with solutions for people, not companies. One of the distinguishing features is the ability to control the climate: the Rooftop air preparation system cleans, humidifies, heats and cools the air exactly to the parameters that you personally set for it. Five-level underground parking, an EV charging station and gentle ramps that are safe for SUVs and supercars are just some of the innovative features designed to make life more comfortable ... Показать полностью
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Architect Schusev St., 1
4 rooms 130 m2
29 240 000
ID 11134
A 4-room apartment is for sale in the new residential ZILART residential district on the banks of the Moskva River, not far from the center of Moscow, a ten-minute walk from the MCC ZIL station and twenty minutes from the Avtozavodskaya metro station. This is a unique complex with unique architecture, a city in the city, with its own infrastructure, park, promenade, kindergartens, the best school, theater. The distance to the TTK is less than a kilometer, to the Garden Ring - about 5 km, to the Kremlin - about 8 km. By metro, you can reach the very center of the city (Teatralnaya metro station) in ten minutes by driving through three stops. Want to live in a prestigious Cosmex, call! Mortgage is possible.
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Pokrovsky Blvd., 5s1
1 room 60 m2
29 300 000
ID 11596
2-room open-plan apartment in an elite mansion near Chistye Prudy! A residential complex that combines architectural traditions and the luxury of old Moscow. The elegant building is designed based on Austrian and German Art Nouveau styles. The architects offered an excellent interpretation of the forms of the past centuries in line with modern architecture with its new materials and technologies. Only 45 apartments in the complex, closed area with a courtyard. A region with a developed infrastructure.
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Minsk Str., 1Gk1 Golden Keys - 2
Lomonosov Ave
2 rooms 69 m2
29 500 000
ID 10853
We offer a fully furnished 2-room apartment with European-quality repair in the residential complex "Golden Keys - 2". Tall windows, beautiful views. The well-maintained guarded territory of the residential complex has an underground parking, a playground, a fitness center with a swimming pool and other infrastructure facilities.
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Presnenskaya nab., 11 IQ quarter
2 rooms 64 m2
29 560 000
ID 10748
IQ-quarter is a multifunctional 21-storey premium class complex, which is part of the Moscow-City MIBC. Premium class apartments in the IQ quarter are a smart choice for those who appreciate the dynamics of life and want to always be in the center of the city's business life. Unique IQ-architecture, panoramic glazing, gorgeous views of the city from a bird's-eye view, noise-insulating facade glazing technologies, author's entrance lobbies, a five-level underground parking, premium infrastructure - all this makes the IQ quarter an ideal place to live in the heart of a dynamic metropolis. Located at the intersection of Krasnopresnenskaya embankment and the Third Transport Ring, 5 minutes from the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station and from the Moskva River embankment. Within walking distance from the quarter - Krasnaya Presnya park; fitness clubs and cinemas, exhibition spaces and art workshops.
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12th passage Maryina Grove, 8 Studio 12
Marina Grove
1 room 131 m2
29 638 000
ID 10696
For sale is a two-level apartment of 131 sq.m., free planning with a SEPARATE ENTRANCE in Studio 12, a complex of loft apartments in the Maryina Roshcha district. Several buildings 3-4 floors high have an original architecture. The project presents several options for apartments - from the loft in the traditional sense, to townhouses with a separate entrance and courtyard. Also on sale are two-level lofts, studio-type apartments, attic rooms. Only 142 lots, ranging from 40 to 300 square meters. m. The location area of the residential complex is characterized by developed social, domestic, as well as a unique cultural and entertainment infrastructure. Transport accessibility and the proximity of the forest zone make it as comfortable as possible for living.
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Bolshaya Sadovaya St., 5 bldg. 1
1 room 61 m2
29 800 000
ID 8905
The gardens of Beijing are the "eye of the cyclone" of Moscow. A quiet haven in the middle of a tumultuous urban whirlpool. The mood of the Beijing Gardens is comfort and tranquility. Living gardens will decorate not only roofs, but also courtyards and halls of buildings. The infrastructure of the complex corresponds to the status of the object and meets the needs of residents: a bank, a beauty salon, a leisure center for children. A sports area will be built on the roof. Convenient transport accessibility.
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3rd Krasnogvardeiskaya St., 3 Trianon
3 rooms 122 m2
29 900 000
ID 10616
The residential complex TRIANON, located near the third transport ring and the Moscow City Business Center, consists of three 24-story towers connected by two ten-story sections. Duplex apartments are located on the upper floors, while terraces and conservatories give each tower an original look. The residential complex has four sectors: a residential zone, underground and ground parking for cars, a private kindergarten and retail and office space. The patio is landscaped and decorated with flower beds, lawns, walking paths are laid here, a playground is equipped. Offices, shops, and consumer services are open on the ground floor. The complex is equipped with a security system, the latest water filtration system, as well as the most modern communication systems.
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Ленинградский пр-т, 37/5
The airport
1 room 41 m2
30 000 000
ID 11762
Квартира на высоком этаже с отделкой White-box в новом жилом комплексе Prime Park. Высота потолков-3,1. Собственная инфраструктура комплекса: строящаяся британская школа, 2 детских сада, фитнес-клуб с бассейном, коммечерские помещения на первых этажах, двухуровневый подземный паркинг для жителей и гостей. Комплекса включает в себя закрытый парк , площажью 3 Га, детские площадки, зоны отдыха, фонтаны. Охраняемая территория, служба консьерж-сервиса, абсолютная приватность. В непосредственной близости от комплекса расположены: ТЦ Галерея, Авиапарк, спортивные коммпексы ЦСКА, ВТБ Арена Динамо, рестораны, кафе,магазины, аптеки.
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Presnenskaya emb., 12 Federation Tower
2 rooms 56 m2
30 000 000
ID 9887
LCD Federation Tower. The tallest skyscraper in Europe. Spectacular panoramic view of Moscow. Panoramic windows, central air conditioning, infrastructure development - everything for the convenience of living and working of apartment owners. The free layout makes it possible to make your dream apartment come true !!!! Vigilant security and attentive reception will welcome you in the morning and in the evening. Multi-level parking in the underground parking.
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Milyutinsky per., 11
2 rooms 70 m2
30 000 000
ID 5604
' 'Brick house. Great modern renovation. Proper use of the entire area of the apartment: living room-studio, bedroom, dressing room. Fully furnished. Large combined bathroom, equipped with imported sanitary ware. High ceilings. Clean entrance.
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Studenetsky per., 3
1905 street
1 room 59 m2
30 000 000
ID 9314
We offer for sale an apartment with a good repair and beautiful views. The property is more than 3 years old. Secured house built in 2000, with ground and underground parking. in 3 minutes walk from the metro in 1905 and the 1st min. from Krasnaya Presnya park!
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Novinsky Blvd., 25k1
2 rooms 35 m2
30 100 000
ID 10680
"House of the People’s Commissariat" is the restoration of the famous building of the Soviet era, the House of Workers of the People’s Commissariat of Finance. Architects tried to preserve the historical style, at the same time, adapted the object to the modern requirements of housing. The house consists of a residential building connected by the passage and the former communal block, where the commercial infrastructure for the residents of the complex will be located. On 6 floors will accommodate 46 apartments ranging from 31 to 128 square meters. m. The restoration provides for the preservation of the original architectural and planning solutions: two-level apartments, an exploited roof, tape glazing. The protected area near the house will be landscaped according to the original design project, which is designed to return the green zone originally conceived by the architects in the courtyard. Paths will be laid in the shade of trees, cozy benches and places for rest will be placed. In addition, in a private ... Показать полностью
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Sofiyskaya nab., 34s4 V
1 room 53 m2
30 366 030
ID 10400
Life a step away from the Kremlin becomes possible when choosing an apartment in the Sofia complex! The location surrounded by historical buildings gives peace and quiet that are especially valuable in the city center. Since the 19th century, no construction was carried out in this location. A decent option both for your own living, and as an investment. The facade of the building is made of natural stone with warm milk shades. Windows with French balconies starting on the 3rd floor. Some apartments have larger balconies. Equipped and closed on all sides of the courtyard, guarded territory, landscape design. The residents of the complex have access to an underground parking, fitness room and SPA complex with a swimming pool. High-quality concierge service, high-speed elevators, modern ventilation and air purification systems. On the first floor... Показать полностью
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Zemlyanoy Val St., 37 House Chkalov
3 rooms 73 m2
30 500 000
ID 11444
Euro 3 with decoration, two windows with beautiful views. The premium apartment complex “House Chkalov” is a single composition of two 21-story towers about 100 m high, a four-story shopping center and a four-level underground parking. Land area - 0.65 ha. The decoration of building facades, similar to New York skyscrapers, is dominated by glass and metal: panoramic windows in aluminum profiles, metal cladding panels. The complex has 396 apartments ranging from 32 to 126 square meters. m with high ceilings (from 3 m) and panoramic windows that open. House Chkalov - a unique space in the center of Moscow. Chkalov - the choice of those who have already achieved success and strive for more. The four lower floors of the Chkalov House are occupied by a shopping center with galleries, a restaurant and a cafe .... Показать полностью
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Zubovskaya, 7s1-S Roza rossa
Park of Culture
1 room 43 m2
30 895 200
ID 10286
We offer an apartment with finishing and furniture from the Italian bureau Lissoni Associati in a unique complex located in the most popular district of Moscow - Khamovniki. The Krasnaya Roza business district is within walking distance. On the territory of the complex there is a wellness & spa, a swimming pool of 25 meters, a restaurant, a dry-cleaner, a cleaning company, a 24-hour room service from a service company, food delivery, drinks, cleaning, etc. Underground parking for 99 cars. Individual approach to each client! Call.
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Ordzhonikidze St., 1
1 room 43 m2
30 900 000
ID 10546
The elite high-rise new building Barkli Residence is being constructed according to the design of the Robert Stern architectural bureau. Apartments for those who value luxury and sophistication in the first place: even marble and natural wood are used here to decorate common areas. The living space is ergonomic and thought out: the ceiling height exceeds three meters, the windows are oriented on two sides. From your floor you can take the elevator to the underground parking. There are three options for interior decoration: Balance, Confidence, Liberty. On the upper floors of the buildings there are view penthouses with terraces and access to the exploited roof. Planned installation of central air conditioning and tap water filtration system. The design project of the local area involves the appearance of a flower garden and greenhouse.
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Zubovskaya, 7s1-V Roza rossa
Park of Culture
1 room 39 m2
30 927 000
ID 10287
We offer an apartment with finishing and furniture from the Italian bureau Lissoni Associati in a unique complex located in the most popular district of Moscow - Khamovniki. The Krasnaya Roza business district is within walking distance. On the territory of the complex there is a wellness & spa, a swimming pool of 25 meters, a restaurant, a dry-cleaner, a cleaning company, a 24-hour room service from a service company, food delivery, drinks, cleaning, etc. Underground parking for 99 cars. Individual approach to each client! Call.
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